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North America’s Energy Corridor-Part 2
August 23, 2021
In part one, the focus was on Mexico and its past, current and future energy observations. The ideal situation for the U.S., Mexico and Canada’s energy future would be better served with a strong energy alliance. Currently, each of the three countries are all looking at the energy future in an independent way, versus together. For example, in the U.S., it appears that policies, especially energy policy, are hastily being presented without consideration of all energy and environmental disciplines. The U.S. and the North American energy corridor would be best served with a roadmap of embracing all forms of energy in order to arrive at the correct energy mix for energy use and environmental preservation. 
America's Energy Reliability, Part 3
July 30, 2021
America’s energy reliability is essential for both the power generation and transportation needed for our country. As the last two articles on America’s energy reliability have stated, accessibility, affordability and reliability are vital for a strong US economy and security. 
Creating Pathways to Our Energy Future
July 19, 2021
Who says the days of the larger-than-life oilman are over? Energy advisor and corporate development strategist, Mark A. Stansberry, has traveled the world, met heads of state, consulted with government officials and – in addition to his work in the energy industry – is a film producer and was a co-founder of the Emmy Award winning company, GrayMark Productions.
America’s Energy Reliability, Part 2
June 20, 2021
Oil and gas pipelines are essential to our energy reliability, energy security, and economic prosperity. When the Colonial Pipeline was shut down recently, America experienced the need for accessibility and security. 
North America’s Energy Corridor
June 20, 2021
Mexico recently had national elections. The elections are critical to the oil and gas sectors. Several years ago, Mexico had gone from being nationalized to entertaining more privatization of its energy sector. The election was not only looking at the 500 seats of the lower house, but also local elections and governors in fifteen states. 
ESG Factor
June 20, 2021
ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance. The ESG factor is becoming more and more discussed and implemented in all areas of finance, including the energy sector.
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